1.    Upon receipt of membership card, member agrees to be bound by the program rules and conditions.

2.    Platinum plus bucks (the "Points") are earned by making qualified purchased of products and services only at Northtown Automotive Companies owned and operated dealerships (the "dealership").

3.  Members must present valid membership card at the time of purchase in order to accumulate points.

4.    15% of the total dollars you spend toward a qualified purchase OR the fixed Point award for specific transactions as outlined in the membership materials will be accrued in Points to discount your next new or pre-owned vehicle purchase at the Dealership.

5.    Each of the Points earned is equal to one dollar in award discounts.

6.    Points may only be accumulated at the time the member makes a qualified purchase.

7.    Qualified purchases include retail parts, detail, services (excluding insurance body repair), maintenance and accessories for vehicles purchased after 9-10-98 from the Dealership. New or pre-owned vehicle purchases,  and wholesale parts purchases are excluded from this program. Points are earned on customer pay transactions only. Warranty repairs do not qualify for Points accumulation.

8.    Program is limited to a maximum award level of 2,000 Points.

9.    Points begin accumulating on the original membership start date, but may not exceed the Points limit.

10. Membership accounts will always retain the most recent transactions. Every point earned is valid for seven years from transaction date. Points earned must be used before the expiration date or the Points will be forfeited.

11. Points may not be transferred from account to account. Accumulated earnings may not be bartered, brokered, or sold and may not be transferred upon death or domestic relations matter.

12.Total Points standings will be tracked in the Flexstat® database and will be updated with each qualified purchase.  Transaction credits will be posted within 30 days of the transaction date.

13.When redeeming Points toward a vehicle purchase, members must present a valid membership card with proper identification.

14.Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

15. At no time may accumulated points from individual accounts be collectively redeemed on a single vehicle purchase.

16.Membership cards remain the property of the dealership and must be surrendered upon request.

17.Participation in this program is offered at the sole discretion of the Dealership and may be terminated at any time without prior notice.

18. The Dealership reserves the right to disqualify any person(s) from participation if in its sole judgment the member violates the rules and regulations governing this program. In the event of disqualification or program termination, accumulated Points will be immediately terminated.

19.  All members must be 18 years of age to participate.

20. In order to continue participation in the program past the first twelve months, each member must make a minimum of one transaction every twelve months.

21. Accumulated Points may not be redeemed if you are in default under the terms and conditions of these rules or with regard to any obligation which may be due to the Dealership.

22.Determination of income or tax liability related to the participation in this program is the sole responsibility of the participating member. Neither NuCar Consulting, Inc. nor the Dealership make any representation as to the current or future tax consequences to the participating members as to the crediting, transfer, use, redemption, or disposition of program earnings.

23.The program has no pre-determined termination date. The program may be terminated at any time without prior notice at the wishes of the Dealership and/or NuCar Consulting, Inc.

24.      The Dealership and NuCar Consulting, Inc. reserve the right to audit all accounts for compliance with these rules. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies, the processing of program earnings may be delayed until such discrepancies are resolved. The Dealership reserves the right to make any and all decisions as to the validity of accumulated Points. All decisions are considered final.

25. Corporations, partnerships and other entities mat not be eligible to participate.

26. Nothing in these rules or in the program shall be construed to establish an agency, partnership, or joint venture relationship between the Dealership, NuCar Consulting, Inc., or any other party. NuCar Consulting, Inc. is not responsible and assumes no liability for changes in or discontinuance of a Dealership service, which may affect the program benefits.

27.The Dealership and NuCar Consulting, Inc. reserve the right to change the program rules at any time without prior notice to members.

28. Only one card may be used per vehicle purchase.